Joe Heck will not be bullied into amnesty!

Have you seen the front page of the Las Vegas Sun website today? Erin Bilbray’s liberal activist friends over at Occupy CIR have literally covered it with attack ads against Dr. Joe Heck over his stance on immigration reform.

Joe has been clear that we need real solutions to improve our broken immigration system – but he will NOT be bullied into amnesty by Erin Bilbray and her liberal activist friends.

We cannot let Erin Bilbray and her liberal activist friends get away with these purely partisan attacks! Click here to help Joe today by contributing $10, $25, $50, or whatever you can to ensure he has the resources to fight back!

Joe continues to be one of the most honest, dedicated, and hard-working members of Congress. It is imperative that we send him back to Washington to continue fighting for the men, women, and families of Southern Nevada.

This is one of the most targeted House races in the nation, as Democrats believe they can replace Joe Heck with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked candidate and rubber stamp for Barack Obama – Erin Bilbray.

Help Joe Heck stand strong against amnesty. Make your contribution today!

Together we can’t lose,

Tom McAllister
Political Director
Friends of Joe Heck