issues-healthcare The Obama health care take over hurts patients and cuts $500 billion from Medicare.

Joe Heck is fighting for a better alternative. Joe Heck’s solution supports Nevada’s families by protecting the patient-physician relationship and reducing health care costs. Joe Heck is working to protect Medicare for Nevada’s seniors and preserve it for future generations.

Jobs and the Economy

issues-jobs-economy Joe Heck sponsored legislation to streamline federal workforce development programs to cut red tape and get Americans back to work.

Joe Heck’s plan to fast track the tourist visa process will bring much needed economic growth to Southern Nevada and help businesses open and put Nevada men and women back to work.

Government Spending

issues-govt-spending Joe Heck has worked to reduce extravagant government spending including cracking down on fraud and abuse in federal programs and terminating wasteful programs that are costing the taxpayers.

Joe Heck has pushed for an audit of the Federal Reserve and for a vote on a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.


issues-energy Joe Heck supported efforts to increase domestic oil production to help bring down gas prices.

Joe Heck also supports efforts to develop alternate sources of energy like wind, solar, geothermal and hydro power as part of a long range solution to the energy crisis. Joe Heck successfully sponsored the Hoover Power Act to ensure a supply of low cost, renewable energy from Hoover Dam for 50 years.


issues-housing Joe Heck is working to help keep Nevadans in their homes.

He has supported programs that help homeowners who are underwater and introduced legislation to give folks who lost a home to foreclosure a second chance at homeownership and the American dream. Joe is an independent voice in gridlocked Washington who puts the interests of Nevada families and homeowners first.

Excessive Regulations

issues-excessive-regulations Joe Heck knows that excessive government regulations hurt the economy and cost jobs.

Joe Heck supported efforts to stop new government regulations during this time of scarce jobs and high unemployment. Joe Heck also supported efforts restricting the ability of unelected bureaucrats to impose regulations on Nevadans that could cost jobs.

Protecting Veterans

issues-protecting-veterans As a veteran, a colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves and a Member of Congress who serves on the House Armed Services Committee, Joe Heck fights daily to preserve and protect our military personnel, our veterans, their families and survivors.

Dr. Heck believes the benefits of every service member who has sacrificed for his or her country must be safeguarded. Joe Heck believes we have a responsibility to deliver on the promises made to those who have volunteered to serve our country.